MCS Glass offers a large collection of natural glass elegance with innovative hand crafted edges. Various shapes and patterns are offered from ground to polished bevel for a wide range of application. Customized edges are available upon request.

Specialty Glass Patterns

MCS Glass has partnered with Trulite to bring customers a wide variety of pattern glass from 1/8” up to and including 1/2” thicknesses, and is used to obscure vision areas requiring privacy but allowing virtually the same light transmission as clear glass. Visit Trulite to learn more about glass patern options.

Glass Edges

Other Glass Tempering and Manufacturing

We also partner with Glassfab Tempering Services, Inc. in Tracy, California to source some of our architectural glass products, including high performance insulating glass, tempered glass, spandrel, architectural laminated, heavy glass, and residential glass. Visit Glassfab to learn more.